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Vishu Festival

In Sanskrit language 'Vishu' means 'equal' and it is not only a festival of Malayalees. The festival is celebrated all across India with different names. In Assam Vishu festival is celebrated as Bihu where as in Punjab the festival is recalled as Baisakhi.

Significance of Vishu Festival

Malayalee people celebrate Vishu as the New Year Day celebration. Usually, the Vishu festival falls in the month of April. The start of the month in which this festival is celebrated is known as Medam in Malayalam calendar. 2018 Vishu festival date is on 14th of April. Every year the official date of Vishu is set by the Indian National Calendar. "Vishu" means "equal" in Sanskrit language. And this is not just the festival of Malayalees. This day is celebrated in ...

Rituals and Customs of Vishu Festival
The festival of Vishu heralds the beginning of the Malayalee New Year and the festival is celebrated in a big way inKerala and the adjoining areas of Tamil Nadu. Vishu day marks the Sun’s transit to the zodiac MeshaRashi as per the Indian Astrological calculations.
Importance Of Celebrating Vishu Festival
The native people in Kerala observe Vishu with lot of colourful rituals. This festival signifies prosperity and is a festival of harvest. On the Vishu day the Sun enters the Aries Rashi and there is equal amount of day and night time....
When is Vishu Festival

Vishu is one of the most popular South Indian festivals and it is widely celebrated inKerala and Tamil Nadu. It is the traditional New Year for the residents of these states. The people living in this region speak Malayalam language, it is also known as the Malayalam New Year.

According to the Indian astrological calculations, the Vishu festival day signifies the Sun’s transit to zodiac MeshaRashi....

Tradition of Gifting

Vishu festival symbolizes the beginning of the spring season and is celebrated as the beginning of the astrological New Year of the Malayalis. Celebrated inKerala on the first day of the Medam or Malayalam month it also marks the beginning of the harvest season. Malayalis across the globe dedicate...

Story behind Vishu Festival

Celebrated on the first day of Medam or the Malayalam month or between the months of April and May of the Gregorian calendar, Vishu symbolizes the beginning of the spring season. Vishu, a Hindu festival, is celebratedin Kerala as the harvest festival and the astrological New Year of the Malayalis.

Vishu Celebration in Kerala

The first day of Medam, Malayalam month or the period between April and May as per the Gregorian calendar, is celebrated as Vishu inKerala. This Hindu festival considered as the advent of the astrological Malayali New Year and the harvest festival, symbolizes the movement of the sun to the...