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Essay on Vishu Festival


Vishu is observed inKerala by Malayalese Hindus, it marks the start of a new agriculture cycle. We all know that a good start lays the foundation strong and Vishu festival is all about having an auspicious start. Indian culture is known to put a lot of emphasis starting things right; for any major task puja and homas are performed, the planetary positions are also taken into account. The auspicious day of Vishu marks the transition of Sun zodiac Aries Raasi according to Indian astrological calculations. This essay on Vishu festival will help you understand all the aspects of this day. Below are three small Vishu festival essayswritten to note the various activities.

Essay on Vishu Festival 1

Celebrated with lot of joy and mirth inKerala, Vishu refers to the first day of a new calendar year. There is a lot of excitement for this day among natives ofKerala and this Vishu festival essay will enlighten you will all important aspects associated with Vishu.

"Vishukkani" is an interesting custom in Vishu, this is the first thing in morning people see on this day. Vishukkani comprises of rice, vegetables, fruits, yellow holy flowers called konna, gold coins, holy text, beetel leaves along with a mirror made of metal. All these items are placed before Lord Krishna seeking his blessings Oil lamps are also kept in the puja room; all these arrangements are made on the prior night.

The feast of Vishu is a grand one and contains both sweet and savoury dishes. Vishu Kanji made out of rice, spices and coconut milk. On the other hand VishuKatta is a sweet dish made from jiggery, coconut milk and rice powder. Children enjoy bursting fireworks on this day.

Puthukodi and Vishukkaineetam are other two important customs in Vishu. Puthukodi refers to buying of new clothes and in Vishukkaineetam money is given to children by elderly people.

Essay on Vishu Festival 2

Vishu is an extremely significant festival in Kerala and is observed by Hindu Malayalese. This festival indicates joy and prosperity and Vishukkani marks the start of the day.

Vishukanni is the first sight on Vishu day and lot of care is taken while arranging the items in uruli which is a metal vessel. The vessel contains a panorama of religious auspicious items like holy book or Bhagwat Gita, flowers, fruits, gold coins and vegetables.A metal mirror val-kannadi is also placed in the uruli. The ambience is very spiritual and it completed by the image of Lord Vishnu along with 2 oil lamps.

The feast of Vishu is very elaborate and contains various types of dishes. It has almost equal portions of salty, sweet, bitter and sour items.In the evening children enjoy with fireworks, they are also given money by elderly people at home.

In some villages group of young boys and girls entertain people wearing skirt made out of banana leaves and a mask.

Essay on Vishu Festival 3

Laden with a series of activities both spiritual and fun-filled Vishu festival is a most awaited festival in Kerala. It is said to bring in prosperity along with joy. Prayers are offered to Lord Vishnu for his blessings and every care is taken to keep the ambience spiritual.

The puja room has the specially made Vishukanni also known as Kanai Kanni arranged on anUruli. Gold coins and metal mirror are arranged in the Uruli along with special yellow coloured flowers, golden colour fruits like jackfruit and banana along with vegetables are placed. Akshatam made of turmeric and rice is considered to be very sacred for any puja.

On Vishu morning family member see Vishukanni as the first sight and thereafter the day begins. Various items veppampoorasam(bitter), mampazhappulissery(sour), Vishu kanji(salty) and Vishukatti(sweet) comprise of the sadhya(Vishu feast).

Children spend the day in excitement of wearing new clothes and they celebrate evening with firecrackers. Giving money to kids is also an important aspect of Vishu festival. People make merry in the evening by singing and dancing. The day is an eventful one and Hindu Malayalese look forward to this festival every year.


On the similar lines of Vishu Punjabis celebrate this day as Baishakhi. In Maharashtra it is known as GudiPadwa, Bengal Poilabaishak, Puthandu in Tamil Nadu, and RoghaliBihu in Assam. Even though the name varies the essence on every festival is the same. We are sure the essay on Vishu festival gives you an insight of this day.