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Importance Of Celebrating Vishu Festival

The native people in Kerala observe Vishu with lot of colourful rituals. This festival signifies prosperity and is a festival of harvest. On the Vishu day the Sun enters the Aries Rashi and there is equal amount of day and night time.

The importance of Vishu festival is to have the right start. The mythology significance is that Lord Shri Krishna killed the demon Narakasura on this day and hence the Vishu festival reason is the celebration of this victory.

A good harvest brings in joy to the common people and it means that their barns will be full. Vishu is celebrated to offer prayers for a good and prosperous year ahead.

The first sight in the Vishu morning is Vishukkani and it includes everything that is a part of a good harvest arranged in an Uruli. The Uruli contains vegetables, fruits especially jackfruit, cucumber, mango, half cut coconut, glass full rice, traditional Kerala dress called set mundu, betel leaf, metal mirror, coconut, gold coins arranged before an image of Lord Vishnu.

The important aspect of Vishu is also about bonding within the family. The feast known as Sadya is consumed by the whole family and a get together happens between members. The elders give money to the younger ones as it is considered to bring in luck and prosperity. The younger members touch the feet of the elders and take blessings. This tradition of giving money to younger ones is known as VishuKaineettam.

VishuKodi, a new dress is an integral part. In olden times when farming was the main source of income, buying new dresses were limited to occasions. Now-a-days even with changed scenario the tradition of buying new dress for Vishu still exists.

Fireworks are extensively used in Vishu even more than Diwali. The whole family gather together to enjoy this and hence the bonding becomes stronger. Vishu is all about thanking God for seeking His blessings.