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Tredition of Gifting in Vishu Festival

Vishu festival symbolizes the beginning of the spring season and is celebrated as the beginning of the astrological New Year of the Malayalis. Celebrated inKerala on the first day of the Medam or Malayalam month it also marks the beginning of the harvest season. Malayalis across the globe dedicate this day to Lord Vishnu. On this day Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna are worshipped. A VishuKani is prepared on the previous night of Vishu festival. It is the symbol of good luck and prosperity.The term 'VishuKani.' implies the first thing to be seen at the dawn of the day; and it is believed that by doing so the New Year brings prosperity in the life of the devotee.

During this festive ritual as per Vishu traditions and customs, people wake up early in the morning and see the 'VishuKani' and then rejoice by bursting crackers continuously. On this auspicious day the members of a family wear new clothes called the 'kodivastram' and visit the temples to see the VishuKani and worship. Like all the other festivals, the Vishu festival is also celebrated with great zeal. Unique traditional delicacies are prepared by the women for the ceremonial feast of the festival which are savoured by the family and friends.

VishuKainetamis basically the tradition of gifting in Vishu festival. Currency notes and coins are the most cherished and traditional Vishu festival gifts. A unique family festival Vishu festival glorifies the use and rotation of wealth as it is believed that the “wealth that is shared multiplies doubly”.According to the age old traditions of the Malayalis the younger members of the family receive 'VishuKaineetam' from their elders. Traditionally all the elders give money to the younger members and the young members touch the elder’s feet and seek their blessings. VishuKaineetam is an occasion of great excitement and joy, especially amongst the women, children and other younger members of the family.

Vishu festival is just not a religious ceremony but also a means through which family bond is strengthened as all the members of a family unite and celebrate this festival of prosperity with love and harmony.